Restarting Bartimaeus

Instructions for bringing Bartimaeus back in to service after being closed down.

PIR “Burglar Alarms” – Turn Off

Touch screen near rear steps.  Look for symbol of house with padlock (bottom line right hand side).

If it is already grey (off) leave it alone.  Otherwise touch it to change to grey (off).

DC Protection

The bank of switches above the rear steps control the DC circuits on the boat.  Switch them all on except:

  • TV Aerial – leave off – we usually watch telly via the internet (switch on while using the aerial)
  • Coolbox – uses lots of power, switch on if desired
  • Water Pump – if the tank is empty, leave off until filling has started
  • Hybrid Control On/Off – usually off when not cruising

Inverter – Turn On

Use the boat control system via the screen above the back steps.

  • Long press on the Inverter button (on the top row).

Alternately use the Remote Console.  Connect to boat WiFi and go to:

  • Use Menu option, then press Up to find Bartimaeus Multiplus Inverter, press Right
  • Use Up to find Switch, press Right, select On.

Smoke Alarm – Enable

Ensure the smoke alarm is installed in its mount on the ceiling.  It will not work when dismounted.

Fridge – Close Door

If required (no light in the fridge!) switch on at socket – bottom left of cupboard under the sink.

An automatic system turns the inverter on when the fridge is too warm.  This can be changed at the control panel with a long press on Fridge.  A non-zero value enables this, 7°C works well.

Fill Water Tank

The water pump can be switched on once the tank is filling.


Switch on at socket (inside “airing cupboard” – rearmost door) if necessary. Press cancel (red circle and triangle symbol) to clear 88.88

Oven – Set Time

Switch on at wall switch if necessary. Use clock symbol (circle with hands) and up and down arrows.  The time doesn’t have to be right, but until set to something, the oven won’t work.

Set Heating Controls

Use the boat control system to set the central heating controls as desired.  This can be done at the screen above the rear steps or via the cMT Viewer app.

Turn radiators on or off throughout the boat as required.  Note that when the heating system is running, at least one radiator should be turned full on.   I often choose the ones in the bathroom – the boat builder suggests the one under the rear steps.