Shutting Down Bartimaeus

Instructions for shutting down Bartimaeus to be left unattended for a period of time.

Set Heating Controls

If there is no chance of freezing temperatures during the close down period, set the heating to off.  If there is a chance of freezing, set the thermostat to a suitably low temperature – say 4°C – and the timer to morning and night.  (Some marinas limit times when this is allowed.)

Turn radiators on throughout the boat to ensure that any heating is effective.

If shore power is available, plug in the tube heater in the middle of the boat with the thermostat turned to minimum.

Empty Water Tank

Leave the water tank close to empty if there is any risk of freezing. Switch off the water pump once the level gets low enough. Drain the water from the shower valve by lowering the head below the valve and turning the valve on. (Turn the valve off to reduce surprises when the water pump is turned back on.)

Fridge – Switch Off, Open Door

The fridge should be defrosted if necessary, switched off, and the door propped ajar.  Switch off at socket – bottom left of cupboard under sink.

Sockets – Turn Off

Turn off at the socket any items that are not required.  E.g. TV, Speakers, Microwave (in “airing cupboard” – rearmost door), Washing Machine, etc.  Also turn off Oven at switch on the wall.

Inverter – Off 

To control the inverter state:

  • From the touch screen above rear steps.  Long press on the AC button (top line).
  • Alternatively use the Remote Console
    • Connect to boat WiFi and go to:
    • Use Menu option, then press Up to find Bartimaeus Multiplus Inverter
    • Press Right, Use Up to find Switch, press Right.

In the brighter months, select Off.

If there is not enough sunlight to keep the batteries charged up and shore power is available, leave it On. This will also pass the shore power through to the onboard sockets, so ensure everything that should be off is turned off at the socket (see above).

DC Protection

The bank of switches above the rear steps control the DC circuits on the boat.  Switch them all off except:

  • Bilge Pumps
  • Boat Control System
  • Heating – if there is any chance that heating will be required

Smoke Alarm – Disable

Remove the smoke alarm from the ceiling by rotating anti-clockwise.  While separate from the mounting it is disabled.  Leave in a prominent place so it doesn’t get forgotten and left disabled.

PIR “Burglar Alarms” – Turn On

If desired turn on the motion detectors.  These will send email if motion is detected within the boat.  Best done on final exit, or even remotely later.

Turn on using touch screen above rear steps.  Look for symbol of house with padlock (bottom line right hand side).  It should be grey (off). Touch it to change to green (on).  It should also then display  0/2 – zero movement in two zones.