A rainy night and wet start, so didn’t set off until after lunch. Still we fitted in taking on water which was important. Dave and Jane bravely set off early, Dave wearing a big raincoat.

Macclesfield canal is attractive and rural. It has lots of the traditional arched stone bridges. I was taken with these 4 variations on the theme quite close together. 


standard arched bridge, stonework quite worn on the wall above

a diagonal arch, clearly strong enough for big lorries.
pronounced keystone, Stone wall looks fresh and different stone from the more worn arch surround below
much higher arch
normal arch but lovely garden round it, all planted out

We passed Jane and Dave and gave them a wave. The sun was out and he was setting off on his bike.

Had a wee explore of Congleton and made some handy purchases in friendly shops and there we were moored next to a turn over bridge – not the best example of its kind and too busy for photos at the time.

We moved on to a spot next to a horse in a bright coat, in a field between two bridges close together. We haven’t travelled very far today but have come  through about  25 bridges. Some are for roads but others are farmers access only and this was what we are near so no traffic noise, but quite a lot of ducks.