As You Like It

Yesterday, Shane pointed out lambs in the field beside us before we set off. We hadn’t noticed them the night before, and I had to peep through the hedge to see them. What a great start to the day!

Lambs in the field

It turned out to be a fairly hard going busy day, several hard locks, awkward gates, a problematic propeller, a cut finger, plenty sunshine, a little hail and two swan nests. The second one I noticed because of the swans movements, drawing bits and pieces around to build it up. It’s a work in progress.

We arrived in Stratford and had a short look around before escaping from the rain. We have a very different view from previous pastoral scenes. Most of the moorings were empty but there are a few permanent boats running businesses.

The boat opposite us advertising ice cream and river cruises.

Of course many businesses will be linking in with Shakespeare as much as possible but Shakespeare predates both the union jack and ice-cream as far as I know. On the other side of us was a statue of Shakespeare and so in the morning we were passed by many schoolchildren (and teachers) on trips, with their worksheets to fill in. Several waved to us on the way past.

We began with a walk in the park and down the river. There was some dramatic swan posturing and chasing and they were also working hard to maintain pace on the fast river. On our walk in the park we saw several bits of evidence why the river was not to be travelled today. The chain ferry wasn’t operational.There was no chance to rest on the benches to admire the view.

Coming past a church I noticed “sound bites” and one was today. These were short free concerts. As the theatre was shut for March, I thought I might as well get some culture in. Shane didn’t fancy it and went for a coffee back on Bartimaeus. The concert came with coffee so I went to the church for mine. The players, a string orchestra had come all the way from Tennessee and it was a varied selection of short pieces. I enjoyed it but think Shane made the right decision to not go. I was happy to have had my (multi)cultural experience, and coffee.

Glimpse between shoulders of some players taking their applause, in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon

We were both ready for lunch so hit the town and we’re very satisfied with our Hobson’s choice with very attentive staff, tasty food, Tudor ambience and friendly ladies at the next table who complimented my legs for some reason!


Despite a rainy afternoon we had a bit more of a look around and a little shopping while we were in a town. I was amused that while at the checkout at one, the background music (general love songs) played Dire Straits’ Romeo and Juliet. The rain reminded Shane to look for waterproof shoes so I had a further bit of time looking around Shakespeare town central at my own pace, as I like it.