Auld Lang Syne

We are very lucky to be able to meet up with family this hogmanay, while  many others are isolating and we could have been separated by many miles. Shane had a video chat with his retired ex colleagues in the afternoon of new year’s eve and several of them had last minute changes in Christmas period plans. Despite being of no fixed abode , our festive season has gone more smoothly.

  Bryn and Nye were recently jabbed so both a bit tired, but were keen to host a small Hogmanay celebration, getting drinks and snacks in to share and toast the new year. Shane and I had a shopping trip in the morning. I hadn’t noticed this mosaic before, though it’s always been there. Its message seems appropriate for New Year’s Eve.


Marple Mosaic: writing says “Years Working Away Towards A Prosperous Tomorrow”

While Shane was on his video chat I saw the sun setting and thought I would get a picture. I tried from various places. Never quite does it justice.

We had an enjoyable Hogmanay and Nye mixed us some drinks. At one point Bryn observed it was “twenty to twenty twenty two”. Shane and I had heard fireworks earlier in the evening and seen some in Manchester, which is visible on the walk from the canal to their flat, on our way over, so we went out and there were some big ones going off in nearby gardens and lots of very large ones in Manchester, so we were surrounded. It was so mild my hand wasn’t even cold holding a glass to toast in the new year, while watching them all.

This morning, I saw the Christmas flag across the canal come down and a “Happy New Year” one was raised in stead! No rain and very mild so we had a walk and though we were in the same place we did a mixture of old and new route and so came across some signs , not seen before.

No evil monkeys on a wall.

Toad driving on a different wall

More old and new together. Happy New Year!