Building in the Rain

The forecast for today was for frequent showers, sometimes heavy.  We debated various options, but none of them seemed as appealing as staying where we were and getting some inside things done.  I haven’t had much chance to do more work on the cupboard, so today that seemed a good choice.

Yesterday I put the sides back on the pram cover, and last night I made sure all the doors were closed.  So this morning I had a dry space to work in, and could have the hatch open all day without freezing the inside of the boat.  I’d also got all the spare bits of board in from the bow locker.  The locker is weatherproof when the lid is down, but you have to open it to the sky to get things in or out.

Yesterday’s shopping trip to Leigh Market had also yielded a boiler suit for me, so the first order of business was to put that on.  Clare pointed out that they aren’t usually worn with sandals.  It turns out that steel toed sandals are a thing, but that wasn’t what I was wearing.

Shane Working Under the Pram Cover
Man at Work

Today’s plan was to refit the drawers in a new location.  This needed parallel sides perpendicular to a base and just the right distance apart.  After a lot of pondering I worked out how to use some of the right angled corners on the existing boards to make this work.  By lunchtime I’d made several saw cuts and drilled several holes, but demolished more than I’d built.  By the end of the day, I had managed to finish this phase.  The drawers are now further apart than they were originally increasing their capacity considerably. A future job is to replace the drawer fronts so that the contents are hidden when they are closed.

Drawers Fitted under TV in front of Tandem
Drawers and Speakers in Place

The TV is probably in its final home, but on a temporary mount.  I have a number of ideas for cupboards and shelves which will eventually hide the tandem.