Busy Going Nowhere

The day started quietly enough as forecast, but gradually the wind got stronger.  Occasional gusts made themselves felt inside, but we were mostly only aware of the storm if we looked outside.  At one point in the middle of the day we heard some odd banging noises.  I realised that the “pram cover” folded down at the stern was flapping.  What we were hearing was a nylon strap slapping the steel side.

I ventured out not sure what I’d find.  It was the work of a few seconds to put the folded cover back where it usually sits.  After a few seconds more I’d tied it up with the end of the centre rope – its always kept conveniently to hand for the steerer.  We must remember to undo the knot and use something better before setting off.

I spent much of the day working on the shelves.  The design has evolved to include rails to stop things being thrown off.  Unfortunately fitting the rails required partial dismantling.  By the end of the day I had fitted everything together again.  I needed to leave the glue to dry, so made use of the newly covered space under the cratch cover.

Shelves Under Cratch Cover
Shelves Drying Under the Cratch Cover

By late afternoon the wind was easing considerably.  I popped out to see if we had gained any branches. There were some tiny twigs on the roof. A small branch had landed near the boat, and a slightly larger one a bit further away. They might have been uncomfortable or even dangerous on a head, but not a danger to Bartimaeus.

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