(Ch-ch-ch-ch) Changes

Up in the morning, decided bare feet and sandals wasn’t for me today. The blinds open more easily when the windows aren’t open, so something to be said for cooler weather.

So I thought we had a plan: going to the Old Hall; admire the Tudor interior and stroll in the Edwardian Gardens, visit the Victorian tearoom. We might then head to Preston for some shopping and a meal out. But the Old Rufford Hall didn’t open early so we had time for another job on Shane’s list.

We headed to get diesel at the marina first, waved to a little boy inside a boat in the drizzle and started back to a mooring spot near the Old Hall. Shane’s phone rang. An engineer was available to change the oil and he could come at 1.30 – right in the middle of the day and it was already after 11.30 so the visit to the Hall would be rushed and there would be no time for the tea room. Change of plan!

We had heard good reports about one of the marina cafes though, so we went there for lunch and what a place it was! A wide delicious looking menu with a wide array of cakes. I ordered the salmon and prawn open sandwich and Shane had soup.The picture doesn’t do it justice.




the lemon on a stick to squeeze over it is not obvious – all delicious

Glad I chose the sandwich. Shane was happy with his soup as he planned to manage a dessert. He wanted to hurry to be back for the engineer so went up to the counter while I was munching through my platter. He returned with raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake and remarked that he’d paid for everything ( like I might not need a dessert). ” What? But I already paid for the main course!” He wolfed down his whole cheesecake before I’d finished my salad, so the sharing a cake promise didn’t come to fruition.  I went  to the counter to order cake and coffee and there was a long wait while a long order was given before me. Then I had them to explain that we’d paid twice for our main course. The guy was lovely but didn’t normally work in the front of the cafe and had to call someone else to do a refund and was then confused about whether I had paid for my lemon cheesecake and coffee. All sorted amicably. Shane went off back to the boat, as by now it was 1.30. I enjoyed my cheesecake and the ambiance alone. The Tastebuds Cafe was great and we would like to go again, even the decor suited us. 





Tandem and other bike wallpaper
Bike pictures all around.

I went back to find there was indeed a man down in the engine compartment. He was a chatty friendly man and had arrived by bike and was carrying his oil containers in the kiddie seat for his grandson.


Excellent canalside transport

Working in the small space is an unenviable task. All the contorting and use of multiple gripping devices eventually worked and the oil change was completed. The engine purred nicely n testing. We recommend Paul Hughes.

At the front I saw that there were leaves swirling into the bedroom. In proper autumn we may be keeping the bow doors shut!

So we have plans for tomorrow but I’ll wait and see….