Fewer Locks

 The first order of business for the day was a haircut for me.  I took the clippers on to the stern deck, so that its “self-draining” nature would make tidying up afterwards much easier.

Curls on Stern Deck
Shorn Locks on Stern Deck

The weather forecast for the day warned of heavy rain.  Driving the boat in the rain is less fun than when it’s dry. I dropped in to the virtual coffee room for a chat with former colleagues, during which light rain started.  The rain came on more heavily after I’d finished so we decided to have lunch to let it pass before setting off.

Milestone - Gartang 6
This Was the Distance We Wanted to Cover Today

The afternoon got gradually warmer and brighter, and stayed dry all the way to Garstang.  We drove more than half the way on electric, but managed to be back to 100% charge by the time we moored up.  The hazy scenery along the way was very pretty, but the camouflaged boat on a corner was easier to see than the distant hills.

Camouflaged Boat
Is This Dazzle Camouflage?

We found a fine mooring in Garstang and had time to have a wee look around before the heavy rain arrived.  Excellent timing for us again.