Get your kicks

A lovely sunny though breezy morning augered well for the locking ahead. The views as I opened the blinds put me in a positive mood for undertaking the Bosely locks. A passing boat complimented our mooring spot.


Towpath side… What towpath?
Across the water

With nearly all the locks set my way and the cooling breeze, I coped fine in the midday sun. We met a lone boater setting locks ahead for himself, working much harder. I heard later that he also has a cracked rib. I was definitely having an easy time!

No setbacks in the afternoon, apart from the whippet retrieval from the towpath by the boat in front. With a revisiting of the Macclesfield canal, I managed to capture the bridge that I had meant to get before, at Congleton, where we popped off to the post office for eggs and ice cream, as you do.


Under another turnover
The route to the post office.

In the evening we tried mooring opposite these cows but couldn’t get near enough to the bank to jump off with a rope, so had to settle for the next field, which looks like it will become hay for the cows in the winter.