Half a Year!

As expected, the temperature dropped overnight.  In the morning there was frost on the fields around us and on the mooring ropes.  The sun was shining though, so we waited for the air temperature to rise before setting off.

Frost on the Bow
Frosty Start to the Day

While we were waiting, we noticed what I first thought were white feathers floating past the window.  Looking a bit closer I realised that what we were seeing was sticks, leaves, and at least one feather all covered in frost.  So the canal didn’t freeze, but it must be a lot closer to freezing temperature than last week.

It was a little over a mile to the only lock of the day.  I handed the driving over to Clare again so that I could warm up, and she continued driving after the lock.  We were able to do some of this section on batteries as we were so close to full. Gliding along in near silence in the sunshine is one of the big attractions.  Today marks six months since we embarked on this adventure.  We’re wearing many more layers than in July, but still getting many of the same pleasures.

The bridges on this canal tend to be very low shallow arches.  Going through the arches without hitting the sides is just as important as ever, but it is also essential to make sure the cabin roof doesn’t get caught.  Some bridges have boards to divert errant craft, others have unsubtle signs.

Clare Driving Bartimaeus under Bridge
Clare Driving Bartimaeus – Signage not Required

The brilliant sunshine made it a pleasure to be out.  A canalside apiary with three beehives had clouds of bees buzzing outside their entrances.   We heard loud honking as a flock of geese flew overhead and landed in a field ahead of us.

Geese in Field
Rural Scene with Geese

We arrived at Weston at lunchtime.  There was a mooring spot in amongst a group of other boats, but Clare didn’t fancy trying to squeeze in, so we carried on a little further and found a fine spot at the other end of the village.

After lunch we decided to use the rest of the day for a stroll rather than further driving.  We followed the muddy towpath until we found a track to one side.  The track led to a path that was even more muddy than the towpath and eventually brought us to an impassable field, so we had to retrace our steps.  Clare is convinced that the lack of right-to-roam results in these excessively muddy footpaths.  With no legal alternative, everything is liable to overuse.  We got back to the boat before another colourful sunset.

Sunset over Weston
Sunset over Weston