Hey Soul Sister

Before we’d even got to Bartimaeus, Shane’s sister Ingrid had booked a night aboard,  with her husband Dave. They were on their way to holiday in Scotland and we weren’t in Scotland, but we able to take Bartimaeus to a suitable break in their journey. Yesterday  we explored the village of Over Kellet, as I had thought of a couple of things that night be handy to have in for them, that Is not good the day before. The village shop didn’t have the things I had planned for but I got some other items, which would be suitable substitutes. It’s just as well I don’t have a fixed idea for a recipe.

It’s just as well we don’t have a fixed idea for an itinerary as while we were there Shane received a phonecall and he looked incredulous.  I heard Shane on the phone say ” I’ll just have to see how I can rearrange the rest of my life!” I had no idea who was on the phone and what I could possibly be. My mind was racing to ask sorts of possibilities. Turned out to be the Ribble Link booking Office postponing our return Ribble Link crossing by a fortnight!

To be honest that was a relief. We have to change some plans and trains may need rebooking but it is not as bad as any of the other that had sprung to my mind. 

The next set of visitors will have to be on this canal and we need to work out where to leave the boat while we are in Edinburgh.

By contrast the visit with Ingrid and Dave went completely to plan – apart from me not fitting in a shower before they arrived- hope that didn’t ruin their day! They arrived while we were filling up with water. A nearby boat had offered to move to give us space but it wasn’t necessary. The people on the other boat recognised us from the Glasson locks, where we’d met them half way along the flight, as we were returning and they were on their way to Glasson Dock. They have been booked to cross the Ribble the same day as us but now can’t go back until October. They have a more complex rearrangement to do than us, but were still cheerful enough.

It turned out warm and sunny. Ingrid and Dave have never been in a canal boat and it was great to introduce them to it on a lovely day. Ingrid told me it had been overcast when they left Wales, so this was a pleasant surprise. I even dug out the sun cream. Dave had his top off, enjoying the rays and when Shane felt the weed-hatch needed looked at, has was game enough to have a go and was already dressed for the part.

It was great to catch up, it having been over 2 years since we’ve seen them. Both were keen to have a go at driving and did a good job too. Dave handily knew several knots, which he ascribed to his time as a boy scout and climbing experience, so he  took mooring and tying off the boat in his stride  and Ingrid wanted to try out the gang plank and did so with suitable grace and agility.

Ingrid “Walking the Plank”

They managed to get a suitable cruise and a heron was seen. I hoped Ingrid would get a good picture, with her artistic flair, but unfortunately her phone was out of battery so that good shot still eludes us.

They used our bedroom and we got to try out the jigsaw king size bed which worked well. It would have been a bit unfair to expect them to work it out themselves after a long day and a few glasses of wine!

I hope it won’t be as long before we see them again, but whether in Wales or Bartimaeus or Scotland, who can say? 


Ingrid getting a driving lesson
Concentrating on the job in hand: teacher happy with his pupil
Confident driver …Congratulations Ingrid!

After they had gone we managed to fit in a visit to the Heritage Centre at Carnforth. A must if you have an interest in David Lean, Brief Encounter, stream trains or life during WW 2 – if you think Lockdown was bad, then try conscription, air raids, rationing and child evacuation – and no internet. The centre is well done and entirely free. There was a couple visiting who were dressed in vintage outfit too. I didn’t have time to watch the whole of the film, but can nip back and watch in instalments perhaps!