Johnson Out

Yesterday’s mild weather set me to thinking we should get the tandem out for an adventure.  I realised that the cycle route that passes through Alrewas provides a pleasant route to Lichfield which is about 5 miles away, and has been strongly recommended.

So this morning I got the tandem out of storage.  This is the first time I’ve taken it out since we got the sofa.  Clare was concerned that it would be difficult as there are many more obstacles than previously.  As I’d hoped it was easy enough – the most awkward bit is still getting up the steps and out of the hatch.

I started by hanging the front section on the outside of the boat, before going back for the rear section.  I then needed Clare’s help to hold one part while I joined them together.  It all went very smoothly, and we even seemed to remember how to pedal and steer.

Tandem Front Hanging on Boat
The Front of the Tandem on the Back of Bartimaeus

We soon found the museum at the Birthplace of Samuel Johnson with his statue outside.  We were able to confirm that the word “sausage” doesn’t appear in the right place in the dictionary.  I hadn’t realised Blackadder III was a documentary.

Samuel Johnson Statue
Johnson Out in the Market Square

We then went for a quick look at the cathedral.  As we went in we were told a free tour was about to start.  Clare was very surprised when I agreed to join it.  The volunteer leader was a history enthusiast and made a one hour tour very interesting – and with hardly any religious references.

Lichfield Cathedral
Lichfield Cathedral

One unexpected highlight for the less spiritually inclined was an impromptu demonstration of the rising floor in the middle of the cathedral.  Its construction yielded some interesting archaeological finds, but its operation is also intriguing.

Lichfield Cathedral Rising Floor