Love And Pride

My first task in the morning after arriving in Edinburgh was to ring the dentist. Having taken painkillers the night before I was sure it would be sore in the morning but was in fact not too bad. Still I couldn’t risk putting it off when I had a limited time and no idea when I might get an appointment so with Shane off for a blood test, I rang up. I was asked a long list of questions and felt a bit sheepish to admit that no I hadn’t had difficulty sleeping, but then I had taken ibuprofen and paracetamol. I was impressed to be offered an appointment later that day. We had a morning arrangement to meet a friend for coffee and I resisted cake to try and keep chewing to a minimum.

In the afternoon I fitted in a quick visit to my sister and then a bus home and I headed to the dentist. Our dentist is on maternity leave, so I hadn’t met the cover, but Shane had already told me his visits to her had been almost pain free! This seemed unbelievable but I have to say it was a almost a pleasure. I felt so grateful to be seen promptly and she used anaesthetic and didn’t perform anything arduous or agonising. I’ve had an x-ray and she said I should come back again soon. I am not here for long so I was not sure how they would fit me in again but there was a cancellation so I was fitted in again the next week. I was amazed at what a good service I was getting, and on the NHS.

Shane had a scan in the afternoon too but rather later than my appointment. We crossed briefly with me coming back while he left for the hospital. On his return he was keen to share his interesting experience. Not the scan, no that was a bog standard, but the installation of multiple statues, in the Meadows, that was news! He had a chat with the workers about the great weight of each one – the small ones weigh quarter of a ton, and they had anti theft paint on them but who could steal a whole pride of lions? The red tape is no deterrent and is now removed but the lions are here till January. They have been to other places and will move on, so if you don’t aren’t here this year …..coming next year to a place near you… perhaps!

Pride of the Meadows

While he was being scanned I had gone shopping and discovered that the moorings at Thrupp are not the only place that have taken to planting their flower tubs with the usual collection plus a random single sunflower. There is one right here in Marchmont, but I can’t remember seeing this combo before. Is this a new trend? Brings a little sun on a dull day.

Tall order – looking almost 4 storeys high here!

It is a pleasure to be back in Edinburgh as we are cramming in the social visits. But not all were in Edinburgh. The following day I had to set an alarm for the first time in a very long time to get a train to Dundee. My friend I had hoped to see last month aboard, was unable to manage the journey south, but now we were both in Scotland we arranged to meet in Dundee. The morning walk to the station is mainly a walk through shopping streets but I included a cut through a park and enjoyed the autumn berries there.

Row of Rowans in Gardner’s Crescent Gardens

Despite a snell east coast wind, we had a fun time, cramming in three different cafes and a very fine exhibition in the McManus. I loved the innovative video display in their museum area showing an old fashioned grocer wrapping produce and smiling at his customerson a screen. It was strategically placed so that the film of him opening the till, lined up with the actual till on the counter. It looked, at times, like he really was smiling and greeting me.

There was a new art exhibition of artists from marginalised groups, which I also particularly enjoyed with much thought provoking historical insights, as well as the art itself. It wasn’t all serious reflection though. There is plenty fun in the nearby Oor Willie and his wee pet moose statues and Beano characters and a mischievous monkey, changing the Information Sign.

An Almost Anagram

We managed heaps of chat, eating, drinking, knitting and exploring before we had to go our separate ways. I had to watch and not overeat, tempted as I was, as Shane and I had been invited out to Sunday lunch on a Friday evening. I had just enough time to get home to shower and change before setting off for a lovely night out. My way home from the station came past the Watershed, a canal boat café. One of these days I will actually avail myself of its refreshments but this was not the day.

Watershed Café

Shane and I got the chance to work off the excesses the next day, separately with a bike ride and a long walk. Today though we had been invited to Cath and Michael’s for morning coffee and had Cath’s very fine coffee and walnut cake. I didn’t really need much lunch and just as well as I was dashing out to a wee gallery and shopping trip with my sister. No outing is complete without a cafe and who couldn’t be tempted by apricot or plum tart? During the day though I was called by another friend so after a quick dinner we were back out and found Beata too had been baking and a delicious apple and almond cake it was too! What a great day! Cake and good company thrice. At no time have I had time to get as hungry as this polar bear in Dundee. I don’t think I will be confessing how much cake I have had to the dentist tomorrow.

A bear of very little cake.