Mixing and Making

Fortunately we had no repeat of the smoke alarm going off last night.  Yesterday’s supermarket trip had been too late in the day to get any bread I liked the look of, so first thing this morning I set about making some.  This was my first use of the mixing bowl. 

Mixing Bowl with Bread Dough
First Batch of Dough in the Mixing Bowl

It was definitely easier than using one of the pans!  I think I prefer the feel of the ceramic bowl, but the plastic one probably has the advantage of insulating the dough and so helping it rise.  While it was rising I got on with some more work on the cupboard.  I spent some time making small adjustments to what was already there, but then set about creating some shelves for the side.

The rolls were ready in time for lunch – more than half of them got eaten before they had cooled.

Bread Rolls
Bread Rolls Cooling on a Tea Towel

I did some more woodwork but stopped at a suitable point to go for a walk with Clare.  While we were out we also popped in to the marina office to book in for another few days, and to buy another electricity card – we have used all of the £5 we bought on arrival, and most of what was still on the meter when we moored.  It looks likely we’ll be here a few more days at least.

After the walk I finished this phase of the shelf building.  I like to leave things in a reasonable state at the end of the day – we’re never very sure what tomorrow will bring.

Saloon Cupboard with Book Shelves
Cupboard Now with Added Bookshelves – and Books