Morning Glory

No pneumatic drill this morning and no interference from passing pranksters last night. Shane looked accusingly at Canada geese – several groups spotted today – claiming they are to blame for rope releasing, since we heard them at around the same time. But perhaps they were our guard geese trying to warn us.


Safe spot – I would rather be here than in the Hilton (in the background, very tall).

Shane set off for two bike shops this morning on another glove quest. Success! He has waterproof gloves. Now we are ready for cold weather, when I it comes. Not needed today though as it has been sunny and dry.

I went out looking for a post box but also to have a quick look around, before we set off. I am sure we will be back though. We will no doubt come back to the same spot but you aren’t allowed to stay more than 72 hours and not allowed to return for 2 weeks.

There’s a high concentration of variety within a short walk of this spot, modern spaces, where we ate the other night.

Lebanese restaurant
Thai restaurant next door.
Shane not tempted, despite tandem

There are impressive old buildings like the opera House and the John Rylands Research Institute and Library. He was a multi millionaire, owning many mills, ( the information acknowledges this was largely built on slavery) but it was his wife (or rather widow) who arranged for this building to be built in his name. It was closed today, but I saw 3 people talking to staff, trying to get in it and scan QR code, in order to get information for a treasure hunt… Research of a sort. You can make an appointment to try next time, perhaps.

John Rylands Research Institute and Library.

Another accolade to a famous man I had appreciated was this statue of Chopin two nights ago but not had a camera. The vivid image produced  by his music, depicted in it, emerging from the grand piano. He is honoured for playing in Manchester, despite ill health, and therefore Manchester felt honoured by him.


Chopin performing

But Manchester also strongly champions the workers in the city, not just the rich and famous. I passed this church. I have seen working men’s club before but not a working man’s church.

Working Men’s Church and street children’s mission

I found a post box but its collection had already been taken, so I walked back a different way. I wandered through another small peaceful park, no Roman ruins, but a memorial bench to the victims of 2017 and a memorial to the person who fought for the Saturday half day holiday.


Memorial in St John’s Gardens

Next to it I found a suitable post box. Back at the basin, Shane had moved the boat and filled it with water and we were off back through Manchester, back past some famous names LS Lowry and Emmeline Pankhurst and Old Trafford.



City Cruise Boats
Old Trafford Football Stadium and The Football Hotel opposite, on the other side of the canal

A beautiful sunny calm day and in the afternoon we recalled  the last time we went through this area it was colder. We have left the city behind and found a rural spot again. Tomorrow we’ll be continuing with the next item in Shane’s heritage trail.

Tonight’s mooring