Needles and Pins

After the excitement of guests and the Ribble yesterday, a tamer day was to be expected. I had a little walk along to offer some ducks a few crumbs, before breakfast. It rained a little last night. 

Our minds turned to domestic matters and we made a trip into Tarleton to check out the haberdashery shop and a blinds shop. The first was a joy for anyone into needle crafts of any kind and as well as buying velcro for fixing a couple of items, I couldn’t resist the massive array of buttons. I have bought several without knowing what patterns they’ll be used for yet, but I have a few baby cardigans to do so I’m sure they’ll be useful.

Unfortunately the blinds are made to order so not suitable for the continuous cruiser. We didn’t travel far today and it felt very cool and windy. There was a collection of leaves gathered in the front well. No dragonflies but we did see a kingfisher or two. Shane was driving and I did more measuring, planning and knitting of my Stitches for Survival  panel. I had to break off to operate 3 swing bridges. On the last one I felt the wind was fighting me a little too.

We stopped near the third swing bridge and have had the pleasure of the company of swallows swooping above, cygnets seeking  food, enthusiastically  and a skein of geese flying overhead and far over the bridge.

Swing bridge near Rufford, a handy place to stop

We also saw a canoeist, but he didn’t need to open the bridge as he could pass under it, with care. 

Shane set about some DIY and I went a short explore and crossed the bridge to head towards Rufford and  found we are next to an impressive National Trust property. It was shut today but the gate was open and I found a quiet route back to the bridge away from the road, though I did have to climb a gate.

Back on the boat I have continued with the panel. I have now finished the actual knitting but still have to sew some pieces together and there are lots of ends to sew in still. I have made a start j the sewing today too. It seems to be about the right size (100x60cms), perhaps slightly larger, which is amazing considering the lack of pattern. The evening light doesn’t do justice to the colours, but hides some of the imperfections.

Stitches for survival panel
My thanks to Bryn for his help with the grids for lettering, and creatures. I couldn’t have done it without that. The litter picker is meant to be him volunteering. Many people volunteer on the canals too, helping at locks or maintaining paths.

I’ve researched the Rufford Old Hall and it’s open tomorrow, so if we are in no hurry, I think a plan has emerged for something special to do, to celebrate Bryn’s birthday tomorrow, though not with him!

Rufford Old Hall