O Flower of Scotland

On our way to Coventry we stopped for food in Rugby. I found my way by spotting people with bags coming the other way, as confirmation I was walking the right way. The pedestrian access took me past the back, rather than the front and I could smell smoke, not cigarettes, more like kippers. Then I saw it was a burnt recycle bin. It had just been done the night before. The staff were dealing promptly and there was some angle grinding going on as I went back. I passed this bridge as I reached the tow path. Fun and games to be had in Rugby.

On the way into Coventry there was even more canal side art. A spectacular couch made of stone. It looked amazing and too heavy to dump into the canal ( quite a few things had been lobbed in the canal as our spilt cumin rollover event proved) but not sure how comfy a seat it would make. As we neared the centre we found some very bright wildlife murals, some more exotic than others.

Neither the present time nor the place
Nature here and now

Nature and labour sculpture

As we reached the basin and turned round we spotted some open eateries and that made our decision for lunch. We turned around,got a silver propeller spot photo and headed back to find a mooring. Bridge 1 is a tight fit, leaving the basin.

Good bye to the basin

A party of canoeists had been getting together at the canal basin and as we moored up they came past and we watched the tutors giving a lesson to a group of teenage boys in handling the paddle right beside us. They went a little further then turned around and paddled back past us giving some cheery waves. We got our bags packed and then went back in for a very tasty lunch and then the canoeists arrived and sat at the next table. They were obviously having an end if term treat and planning what other activities they would enjoy. It was good to hear them enjoying their new experience.

We returned to the boat to tidy and collect bags and I fed the last crusts of our bread to some ducks in the water and geese came over on the path to reach for some out of my hand. Then it was off to the station to catch the train. Coventry was City of Culture last year when we visited our first time and this year they are hosting some of the Commonwealth games events and the centre was buzzing with sporty activities for children.

The journey went smoothly despite recent train cancellations. Back in familiar Edinburgh the weather has been cool and breezy. There has been a little rain and we are concerned about the growing number of closures due to lack of water. Still we are taking advantage of the weather to go for walks and go into town where I am collecting the summer colours.

Floral Clock in Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street Gardens looked less pretty and less accessible with all the temporary buildings going up. Last week the High Street had only a couple of stalls and artists, and a tarot reader, but the sense of the approaching festival atmosphere was evident. The skirl of the pipes is commonplace on the Royal Mile but a Spanish pirate bagpiper?

Fun in the sun! Olé!

Today we went back up and the High Street is hoaching with people with fliers and the costumed performers: drummers, jugglers, comedians, musicians, singers, breakdancers, painters and for the first time I saw one of the High Street performance spots had a BSL interpreter for the performers’ patter. I enjoyed that about as much as the performance itself!

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