Return Ride

Heavy rain was forecast overnight and in to the morning.  I put the pram cover up last night with the dual aim of giving it a good rinse, and giving us a dry space if we had a use for it today.  By the time we’d had breakfast most of the rain had passed, but the day has remained grey and very chilly for June.

While checking on train options for getting back to Edinburgh if required, I noticed that Loughborough has a second railway station: Loughborough Central.  This turns out to be one end of a heritage line to Leicester that frequently runs steam trains on the line.  As part of the Jubilee celebrations each of the four stations on the line was to be themed for a decade from last century.  We were confused by the publicity, but confirmed when we got to the station that one ticket got us on to all the trains and platforms all day.

View from Station Road
View from the Bridge Outside Loughborough Central Station

The train waiting on the platform departed just as we got to the bottom of the steps.  We explored the station while we waited for the next one.  When it arrived, we were standing right next to the buffet car, so went in search of a coffee.  Before we reached the counter, the sight of a man eating a cooked breakfast changed my plan – I’ll have what he’s having!  Before my food had arrived we’d already passed our station – but we knew we could always come back.  By the time we’d finished eating we were at the end of the line in Leicester.  We had time to have a look around the platform while the engine ran round to the other end of the train.

Steam Engine Waiting
Our Steam Engine Waiting for the Signal

The main event was at Quorn and Woodhouse Station.  There was a large collection of vintage vehicles of different types.  We managed not to get in the way of the steamroller – actually powered by steam.  The unseasonably cold conditions took the edge off lingering long.

Steam Roller
Try Not to Squash those Vintage Cars with the Steam Roller

After another cafe visit we got a train back to Loughborough.  While walking back to the boat I considered putting my woolly hat on, and then realised I had lost it – that just shouldn’t happen on a June day!