See You Again

We had a lovely spot for our mooring last night and this morning I was up first and went outside to look at the river. Several pigeons were sitting on the wall. I had to disturb the sleeping guests to get my camera to get a picture. When I went out again the sky had darkenened and the pigeons were gone from the wall, but the river still looked good from the aqueduct.

River Avon from the Aqueduct in Warwick

It was Heather and Benny’s last day with us and we had a leisurely start to the day. After breakfast it had brightened considerably. They packed and in the sunshine I went back out and the river was better still. I could still hear pigeons and could see them by going to the end of the bridge wall.l

Sunny view of the river Avon from the Aqueduct
Field of sheep on opposite side of the canal
Pigeons hiding behind the wall clinging to small ledges

Heather had managed to get the pigeon photo from a different angle by holding her camera over the wall. She could not see them but could hear them. Clever photography! She got a better picture of the sheep opposite too.

Hiding Pigeon Caught on Camera

The pastoral scene is actually by the town so we were handy for the station in the afternoon. Heather is a keen walker and wanted to go along the river so we all went. It was getting warmer and warmer and by the time we had reached the park we were ready for a drink in the cafe and all cast off layers. It was like a summer’s day as we sat out in the sun with a parasol above us. All of a sudden the parasol collapsed shut over the table. None of the drinks were knocked over though and Heather managed to put it back up.

Cheerio cappuccino

We headed back with Shane taking a diversion to the shop for milk and bananas. A lunch was hastily assembled and enjoyed and final packing acheived with last minute addition of a banana in an outside pocket of Benny’s rucksack. We all hot footed it (it WAS hot) to the station but on arrival the banana had slipped from its holster. Never mind Heather never travels without food and there was emergency baba ganoush.

Fond farewells were made and they were urged to join us again singly or together. We waved them off outside the station and returned to the towpath. We kept our eyes peeled on the way back and sure enough found the fallen fruit. (Shane has now eaten the banana.)

Reunited with the banana.

It has been lovely having them and it has been amazing having a full crew for the big locks and all of us able to mix and match jobs, as well as getting shopping and meals shared out, as we were all happy to drive along, drive into locks, work locks, work a lock ahead, handle ropes and moor. There was one lock where I could not wind it and Benny had to do both sides, but mostly we were all capable crew! The next two locks were the same style and I had a fo at them myself. Thank goodness they were both within my capabilities.

We have arrived at a marina for the evening and the trusting staff have greeted us from a boat and directed us to a space, but we will deal with the payment and paperwork in the morning. We will see him again soon then.