Shelter From The Storm

Water and battery power are the things we need to replenish most frequently. That’s why we went to top those up so we could stay still while the storms pass over. We have now experimented with charging the batteries with the boat stationary, by disengaging the propeller while running the engine, and found it works quite well. It isn’t as interesting as cruising and it makes less efficient use of diesel than when it is charging and moving, which is why we are reluctant to try this normally. It is also noisy, but you don’t need to do it all day and it is less loud inside the boat than outside, so it is a good back up. It doesn’t get us any water of course. Outside right now, it is noisy with the wind and there is plenty of water! We are safe inside.

The nearest place for electric hookup to here is a small marina very nearby. We had tried to ask for availability before but found the office shut so need to try in the morning as the office closes at 2pm. Fortunately it was sunny in the morning. We are moored beside the park and walked through a tree lined path, reminding me of the meadows, but on a much smaller scale. It doesn’t have lines of crocuses but there are a few.


Crocuses in the park

We went into the marina to ask if they would have space for occasional visits, rather than long term overwintering berths, since we were continuous cruisers, but needed to stay near the hospital for treatment and this was the nearest marina to the hospital. They said they had no spaces until the other boats start moving, which is likely to be a few weeks off, so that option is out. While on my own I would use less power and water, so may never be an issue.

We went on into town for some shopping. It didn’t even feel very cold or windy. Shane does not have pyjamas and reckons he would rather have something to wear in hospital. Also coffee supplies are running low. Not every shop meets Shane’s coffee  ( or pyjama) specifications. One shop in town was likely to meet most of his needs. It was a success, even finding pyjama shorts – which he feels will be more comfortable in an overheated ward.

Next to that shop there was a book shop. I had seen a book recommendation from an author and friend, who led the reading round group I used to attend in Edinburgh. It is a book of short stories. It wasn’t in stock but I was able to order it. They don’t know when the paper back is available, due to come in to the shop in November and was not there yet – hardback it is. So far, so good for Burton upon Trent.

The town hall is quite an impressive building. Last time we passed, it was a very wet day and we didn’t stop but today it was fine, so far. I didn’t get a good picture, but Shane did better. I hadn’t realised that I had colour co-ordinated with the town hall.


Burton upon Trent Town Hall
Shane captures me trying to get a picture of the Burton upon Trent Town Hall

Just as we got back to the boat the first spots of rain arrived. The geese were on the bank next to Bartimaeus and the boat moored behind. It is called Dunwyngyn….on one side anyway. On the other side DUN is scored out in red and replaced by still. The red lettering is small though so not visible on this picture.

Guard Geese and Dunwyngyn

We were able to get inside and spend the rest of the day on our indoor hobbies having prepared ourselves for the incoming storms that are slightly rocking our boat. Shane has enough water and coffee and he has tried on the PJ’s and they fit nicely, so no ‘wyngyn’ from him.