Taking flight

Aslightly cooler forecast and no shopping required, so a more energetic day possible.

Left the moorhen family behind and headed towards a flight of 16 locks. A crew behind came forward to speed us through the first few and we Shane and I swapped over driving, a volunteer helped to the top lock.

Finished in time for an early lunch and with a cool breeze felt fit to do more in the afternoon. We didn’t have help this time except for the occasional person pushing a gate but plenty of friendly chats. Several close sightings of a heron, flying ahead of us to we caught up and many ducks, course and geese along the way.

Nice spot to moor, next to a flock of Canada geese (photo is just a few of them guarding their bed of birds foot trefoil) and a pair of swans, which had an altercation with the geese – surprisingly not too puggled after 28 locks.