Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please

While exploring Lymm, looking for milk, I had noticed a pub recommending its local micro brewery beers from Lymm and Dunholm Massey. Shane had asked for a local tap beer when we went for Sunday lunch to Hollins Green, but they didn’t have any, so I suggested we try to get one here. Independently, Shane remembered having The Brewery Tap recommended to him by someone else, so we headed off into the night.

It was in fact very dark and as I stepped out on the stern, I couldn’t see anything at all and was hesitant about stepping off. I turned round to say it was very dark and noticed that I had been facing the canal and not the towpath. So glad I didn’t step out fearlessly. Unlike a house, or even a car, the regular side to step out on to the path, is not consistent. I was going nowhere without getting the torch app fired up…that would have put a massive dampener on my evening and outfit. I hadn’t even got to the pub yet!

We used the little lane to get to the town and there were nice cobbled roads elsewhere too. There are quite a few pubs in Lymm but we found The Brewery Tap quickly and there were customers outside and we briefly wondered if outside would be a safe bet, but on entering found no customers inside, so decided to stay in the warm. The friendly barman looked quite a character and the selection of beers were on display on a blackboard. Shane chose a Bridgewater blonde and I requested Dunham gold. The barman double checked that I had noticed it was 7.2%. I had and promised to only have a half. There was a pleasing selection of  oldie tracks on: Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Marley. We settled ourselves on a couch. We both enjoyed our choices and Shane made short work of his blonde, with the intention of trying a different brew. When he went up to order his second drink, he was offered free snacks and we got a pot each of our choice and regaled with a ghost story – a night to remember!




Two half pints of real ale and some sushi crackers and sour cream and chive pretzels, please

I did, after a light breakfast, as promised, go to the bakery in Lymm and it did not disappoint either. It seemed to be a delicatessen as well as a bakery and I was surprised to find vegetarian haggis and white puddings (not vegetarian) also for sale. I had left Shane wrestling with a blind I had broken – brute force and ignorance on my part. By the time I got back he had sussed the inner workings and managed to repair. Now that he could smell fresh bread, it was time for breakfast part two.

We made a late start. It was a little misty and a second coat of paint was ill-advised and we noticed all the boats on the go had drivers with padded jackets and woolly hats. The autumn colours were coming through too. After a bit Shane decided that sandals were not the best footwear for the day and went to find socks and shoes. I took over driving and was pleased to get the chance to try out the chunky new mittens.

Toasty tiller hand

The planned objectives for the day were getting to Runcorn and picking up water. (blind mending hadn’t been in the original plan). Shane had identified a water point, but it was hard to find. Eventually Shane tracked it down and watched some guerrilla manoeuvres.



Reminds me of the old comedy Citizen Smith.

 I had noticed, in the last week, that we hadn’t seen as much varied birdlife around the canal. That changed today. Shane spied parakeets flying over the canal today and we caught sight a couple of kingfishers. One flew past towards us and disappeared behind the boat. It made for a much better viewing of its different colours on the breast and wing than the normal view. I also saw a cormorant. I was pleased to see a few herons again. As usual the photos from the boat were blurred.

A cormorant ready to dive down

As we approached Runcorn we recognised the Water Tower on a hill featured in the opening credits of the comedy series Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. We hope to explore it tomorrow.

Norton Water Tower , Runcorn

We moored near a park and another heron arrived at the same time as us. I tried sneaking up on the path and it stood its ground while a runner passed it, but took off when I approached.

Fleeing heron.

I may get another chance to catch the heron tomorrow. Whether or not I do, our trip to a shopping centre through a park and woods has whetted our appetites for the sights of Runcorn tomorrow.