Going Back for Things

After yesterday’s cruise we were pointing “the wrong way” overnight.  So this morning we decided to see if there was more to Kidderminster than a supermarket.  Because of the scorching hot weather we settled on a plan of cruising as soon as breakfast was finished, aiming to stop before lunchtime.  We got to Kidderminster at 11.30, so that was a success.

We had some lunch and did some housekeeping until the heat of the day had subsided a bit.  The Carpet Museum is only open in the morning, so that will have to keep for another visit.  We went up to the Kidderminster Railway Museum which was small but interesting.  There were a bunch of regulars who might have been acting out an improvisation play.  They claimed to be exhibits.  One of them had a toasted teacake – soft sell, we had to have one each with a drink.

On the way back to the boat we found a fantastic old style ironmongers.  So we now have a brush, a plug for the sink and various other hard to find vitals.  The total payable was added up on a large sheet of paper on the desk.

We passed the statue of Sir Rowland Hill, whose influence on the world is now waning as people start writing blogs instead of letters.

Statue of Sir Rowland Hilll
Sir Rowland Hill who Introduced Penny Postage

This section of the canal is very pretty, in some parts carved out of the sandstone hillside.  Clare will perhaps be less surprised by it the third time we go through, probably tomorrow.

Clare driving Bartimaeus
Clare Driving