A hard rain’s a-gonna fall

The forecast was true to its word and there were showers of varying intensity all day, so we took the chance to slow to a stop and stay put. Spent some time trying to work out all the permutations of the convertible dinettes.  No instructions, so an absorbing puzzle.

I made some knitting progress, as much sorting out as knitting. I’m knitting the Water of Leith and have made a start on the heron. Bryn made the chart for it. Fitting to be knitting a river, while on a boat. Also heard from a German knitting friend today too. Good to have time to catch up.

Fitted in a few short walks along the towpath, when the rain eased. We are close to a lock and quite a pretty one too. Never seen one with its own teapot collection before.

Quackpot collection?
Or Croakpot?
I am liking the white lines to guide you in.