Saving for a Rainy Day

The tailcoats of Storm Evert have sent rain to us almost all day.  We put the pram cover up last night so that we can at least sit in the nearly-outside to watch the world go buy.  A number of boats have gone past, many hammering along at full speed and jostling us against the bank.  I had to reposition one of our mooring pins after it had been pulled violently enough to take all the tension out of the rope.

I remember days like this on canal boat holidays.  They can still be enjoyed through gritted teeth, but you don’t have the option to just sit still if you need to be round the ring before the end of the week.  We’ve had another domestic day.  Some of the things that have been occupying the saloon floor since we embarked are now a little more tidily placed at last.

Canalside Scene
The Best Sun We’ve Had All Day

The weather has eventually started to clear up just as the sun is going down.  I was looking at how much power our solar panels had generated. On a sunny day we seem to generate around 3 kWh, though one day we managed 5 kWh.  Today’s total was 1.6 kWh, but we consumed about five times that. Cheese on toast for lunch seems to be particularly expensive on power!