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We cycled into Tamworth, which had been recommended by Paul. There was a very attractive park and castle, reminiscent of Princes St Gardens and we enjoyed a drink in the gardens from the small shop which also have some updated health advice.

There’s a fine monument to the daughter of Alfred the Great. Married off aged 16 but continued to rule, after her husband’s death and was a good military strategist.  

On the way back a lorry didn’t see us and started to reverse, slow enough we escaped. It wasn’t the only scrape off the day, as I was surprised by a very shallow bridge wide but low, surprisingly the modern concrete ones for large roads sometimes give less clearance than the narrower 19th century brick arches.

At the locks just after I’d driven round the junction, a moored boater, let us rope on to his boat, since the only visible space to wait at the side was apparently very shallow. I had to stay on the roof ( my favourite place) for quite a while holding the rope tight, but was glad of his advice and he had plenty of it!


Shane readying the tandem for action, bringing it up the gangplank from inside.
Sage advice.
Monument to a military strategist, Aethelflena,Lady of the Mercians, put up 1000 years later after she died and one year before the first world war.

Beautiful floral display in Tamworth.