This page is intended to help anyone aboard Bartimaeus.  It has links to pages describing the operation of the various systems and hints and tips on using them.


Details on shutting down Bartimaeus before leaving unoccupied.


Details on restarting Bartimaeus after being left unoccupied.


The inverter handles “mains” electricity on and off the boat.

Remote Console

Some actions need to be performed by using the remote console.  This can be accessed from anywhere with suitable username and passwords via the Victron Remote Monitoring portal. If connected to the onboard WiFi, it is possible to use a direct link to the remote console at

Control Panel

Some actions require interacting with the boat control panel.  This can be accessed:

  • Via the screen above the steps at the back of the boat.
  • Using the cMT Viewer app on a suitable device (Android, iOS) while connected to the onboard WiFi.
  • Remotely, using Easy Access 2 with suitable credentials, to launch cMT Viewer