Busy doing nothing

A dry day with a cool wind. The end of August heralds the end of summer. Certainly there are signs of autumn around, with a few trees showing yellowed leaves in the last week.

We are fine in shorts but we don’t have all the windows open now. The doors and hatches are still open though and luckily only once  in the day did one of the wasps wander in and was safely encouraged back out.

September is also when the panel I am knitting is meant to be completed. I am looking forward to meeting up with other friends but they have already completed or nearly completed their ones and I feel I need to press on. I have been over ambitious in my plan and not found time to do much at all. 

With Shane’s foot swollen, in response to the wasp sting, we decided to stay put and not attempt to cycle into the town, though we had a short walk in the afternoon.

We passed a boat that wasn’t that hard to notice but when photographed it was doing quite a good job of blending into its surroundings. A turf roof faded into the field behind.



We did a few overs and unders: we went over a small aqueduct. It proclaims its length, 43 feet – quite a lot shorter than Bartimaeus – and height 35 feet above the River Keer. Though small and barely noticeable, it is quite elegant, on one side anyway.

At the bridge on the towpath, we went up steps and over the road… Or we could have gone under and reached the same road by a gate on the towpath… And then down the road to a footbridge over the river Keer, and then under the viaduct.


Footbridge from below the viaduct.

Back on the boat we continued our respective projects. At the end of the day we had both made quite a lot of progress but still a long way to go. I have a wonky heron and otter and made a tentative start on the next figure ….  I also have a huge tangle of wool.

 Shane has deconstructed a shelving and drawer unit. Let’s see if he has been over ambitious and how his timescale comes together for  his planned construction. I hope he makes faster progress than I’ve done as we have 3 sets of visitors planned next month!

Storage unit being disassembled and evicted contents