Catching Up

After a day without moving we were running out of milk and bread, and the batteries were in need of a charge.  My leg is improved but still not happy with lots of walking, and we don’t know how it will cope with cycling.  so we decided to take the boat in to Carnforth again.  We had to open the weed hatch again, this time I left my shirt on, but got weed on it.  More practice seems inevitable!

We were having some trouble finding somewhere to moor when I spotted a group on a boat who looked like they were about to set off. They were happy to let us take their spot.  Just as we’d finished mooring we noticed our Ribble Link friends deciding that another promising spot wasn’t going to work.  As they set off again I offered them the option of “breasting up” – mooring against us.

This was the boat that overtook us under tow, and we know are going back across the Ribble on the same day as us.

Tug and Narrowboat Overtaking Shane Driving Bartimaeus
Tug and Narrowboat Overtaking Shane Driving Bartimaeus

Clare did some grocery shopping.  I nipped out to a building suppliers to buy wood for cupboard building.  Carrying three 5.5m lengths over my shoulder left a lot of scope for slapstick comedy. Fortunately I got back without incident.  I chopped them down to size so that they could be stored inside.

We had a very enjoyable chat with our neighbour, and nearly left it too late to head off in to the countryside for another rural mooring.  Fortunately we found a usable spot before sunset.

After dinner, we tried to work out how to convert the dinette into a large double bed.  We know that we are missing one of the parts that is designed for this, but we do have various bits of wood intended for other purposes.  With a small amount of torch-lit woodwork we were able to complete that job satisfactorily.

We have a much better network connection here than previous nights, so I uploaded the Truxor video and added it to the relevant blog page.  It wouldn’t play well at the resolution the camera chose, so I processed it to a smaller size – it seems ok now.

Truxor Driving in to the Lancaster Canal.