Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

Arriving back in Edinburgh to a little pile of post, mostly dull, I was happy to see a photo with a thank you card from my niece’s wedding in Norfolk and a picture that a different niece had painted and given me as a birthday card. I had decided it was too nice to be discarded and would be spoilt leaning against the wall, so I had taken it to be framed back in March. Nye had collected it for me and it was waiting for me in protective wrap. Now we have to decide where it goes best. I hoped Shane might get his tools out, but we didn’t make a decision and he had lots of cycling to do that wore him out. We have both been pretty busy with a sociable and active few days.

Meanwhile Nye found a disused pin in the wall and popped it there. I am not sure about the colour combo of red wall with pale blue purple and white flowers, but it is at least on display until we find the perfect spot.

Pastel purple bell flowers and white blossom by Lorna Macdonald

I have been able to tell Lorna the picture has been framed and safely collected when I met up with her in the Meadows. I wanted to show off the local cherry blossom to my sister and it is quite the attraction. I missed it last year. On the way at the edge of the Bruntsfield Links we saw a tree that had a few very delicate small white flowers, but its most striking feature was a shiny bark. It was smooth like ribbon and might be a kind of cherry tree. I have been given advice on two plant apps so should try to find out. I haven’t installed them yet.

Possible cherry variety with satin like bark

Once on the Meadows we had a stroll through both before and after our coffee stop, where we met up with Lorna, and took in the pink cherry tree avenues from a variety of angles. There is also a mixed pink and white blossom avenue which is also pretty. The white hasn’t the flower abundance and the mix is less striking than the flood of pink. Even the young trees were heavily laden. It was bright and warm in the sun but very cold in the shade so we sometimes chose not to walk in the avenues but alongside on the sunny grass.

It is a much admired spot and I had another look round with a different Margaret the following evening. It isn’t long before some wind and rain brings the blossom to an end, so I was delighted to be here at the right time. It is often not until May that it blossoms so lucky to catch it at all.

I had only come for a yarn festival on Saturday. The wool event was secondary to meeting friends who were going there too. Summerhall is an interesting venue and the event was spread over three levels. I had never been to the basement before and had a surprise in store with the floor.

It was flat but felt like having sealegs to walk along it, quite like when you’ve been on the boat a while then walk on land and it all feels a bit wobbly. Fortunately the rooms had normal floors so no-one was seasick over the array of yarns and accessories.

Lorna had asked me the day before if I could reknit a hat I had done for her before. It had got lost, which happens all too easily with a light fluffy hat. I was focussed on getting something to suit her colour specification. The particular company (Old Maiden Aunt Yarns) was not there so I wasn’t going to get the particular cashmere blend or colour (one breath at a time) this time but I found a stall selling baby llama so could be just as soft and fluffy, in colours that she might like. Llama doesn’t absorb dye the same as sheep wool so the colours are always soft. The dyer has several shades in the skein and it is called “dear universe”. I haven’t bought this brand before, but I found this company, Zakami, are based in Summerhall, so if I want more that shouldn’t be too hard, in fact it will definitely be very soft wool. The only other wool I got was from North Uist, very different. It is undyed and probably too scratchy for me. I bought a hat pattern from the same stall, but then realised I should have bought a different thickness of wool to make it and probably a plain white wool to show off the pattern best. I will have to think again, I might knit it with some white I already have and use this wool for a different project. I have made a start with Lorna’s hat since I already know the pattern she wants.

I also visited my local yarn shop, with the 4 other knitting friends and got pins for blocking knitted garments. It may seem dull but I was really happy with that purchase and back at home had the further pleasure of snacks and prosecco with Margaret who was staying overnight and making dinner with Nye while a tad tiddly. Thank goodness he kept his eye on quantities for me and took over half the cooking!

Shane had been out cycling and had very tired legs so had a long soak in the bath and didn’t partake of the prosecco. The next day he made himself useful to Margaret, holding a skein for her and he did the same for me the next day, so I could make a start with the dear universe wool, so soft but a little tricky to work with, having no stretch.

It has been a productive and colourful visit to Edinburgh. Shane has made his way back to the boat before me. I have had an optician’s appointment today so he has gone to move the boat without me if Gary is ready for him. He has arrived safely but discovered some purchases for the boat that he wants to install were still on a shelf in Edinburgh. Lucky I am leaving later and can bring them then!

We should be back here again in mid May when Shane has some appointments and by then the cherry blossom will have gone. I wonder if our peony will be out by then. I see a few buds but they are very tight and often take a long time to open. Further down our street a pale pink peony is already in full bloom. It has a few buds so might still be flowering next time we are here.

Pink peonies in our street.

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