Crocodile Shoes

We were going to leave Bartimaeus for a few days. I had an event to attend and Shane has ascertained that the wood was not yet in stock for the window in the side hatch so there was not a need for him to take the boat to the boatyard in the next few days, so decided to join me. We had moored by Gayton marina, as we felt there would be plenty coming and going there.

I was not sure that I really needed clothes as I should have some in Edinburgh. I hoped to have some suitable shoes or only to need what I had on my feet. I can never quite remember what is in each place.

Shane had found out the bus times from a nearby village to get to Northampton station. It was earlier than I expected but there was little to pack. It was dry so no walking in the rain. I enjoyed seeing the banks of cowslips again.

Cowslips ahoy
Rothersthorpe millennium sign

We got to the bus stop in plenty of time. Their millennium post beside the bus stop made me think I should try to see a bit more of it when I had more time. Not now, who knows when. See you later, alligator, in a while, crocodile.

The bus was prompt and took us to Northampton, where had a couple of hours before our train. Shane was in need of a coffee, and after that we went to the museum and art gallery. We had been to all the exhibitions but I remembered that I had felt pressured to leave the shoe exhibition prematurely by a fire alarm going off, last time. No staff had tried to make us leave in an orderly fashion. It had been ignored but I couldn’t stand it so we had left.

I wanted to see if I had missed anything. There were a couple of areas to which I had paid scant attention. The peacock might be much insulted that I hadn’t glanced at the sandals decorated with his feathers.

Peacock feather sandals

The shoemakers may have been offended I hadn’t paid attention to the display on the making of a shoe. Mind you I had watched the video.

The making of a Northampton shoe

There were some fashion styles for identifying yourself as a youth subset: mod, teddy boy, punk, goth, skater, raver etc Most of the shoes were for rich, royal or famous people. A mould of Princess Anne’s foot, for instance or designer shoes. These look like they are for a special occasion. They don’t look well worn.

Dragon Court Shoe

Also in the designer section was a red snake shoe, nor for a snake they don’t need a shoe, but snake leather. In another cabinet was a shoe for an elephant so some animal shoes were included.

I noticed an extraordinary shoe that had claws on it. I couldn’t think what it was. There were no labels but there was a temperamental touchscreen. With a few attempts at it Shane managed to find that it was footwear made from a crocodile foot, possibly worn by a witchdoctor who might have been channelling a crocodile in the ceremony. I felt the witchdoctor might have had small feet, or they were strapped in to the foot or a costume, or else they have shrunk. Next to it was a rabbity or harey boot, not for a rabbit, not made of rabbit/hare fur which would make a cosy boot, but decorated with rabbits or hares. I was reminded that we had seen hares cavorting in groups in the fields we passed the day before.

Crocodile foot shoe (and rabbit/hare boot)

I frequently could not imagine how these shoes could possibly be worn. I struggle with any heel really, and I don’t like sandals without a heel strap. I can’t see how anyone manages to run in flip flops. We are all individuals. These sandals look impossible and are surely decorative but only to stand or sit in and not walk. The soft moccasin looks so much more practical, warm, protective and comfortable, and still decorated for individuality.

Mother of pearl inlaid wooden stilt sandals and moccasins

It was a good way to use up the time, before getting lunch and the first of three trains. Two short journeys and short changes at Rugby and Stafford, then to Edinburgh.

Flowers on the journey at Rugby station, primulas mainly

All ran smoothly and we were back in Edinburgh. I can see the cherry blossom is well and truly out here and look forward to going to The Meadows and seeing avenues of them. I missed them last year.

Back at Arden Street there were a few letters for me including my new (and old) passport. Shane had a huge pile, mainly about his dad’s estate but also some parcels of things he had ordered. Nye was curious about a large box. Typically it was larger than strictly necessary and without the box should fit easily into his rucksack. While I was in the kitchen with Nye he came in flourishing the content of one of the packages, saying “Call that an Allen key? This is an Allen key!” I was surprised Nye got the Crocodile Dundee reference. Shane will be looking forward to using his new radiator tool when back aboard.

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