Creature comforts

Always enjoy the canal wildlife, like the flying heron this morning and the little fish this afternoon. I would have enjoyed the fish more if I hadn’t been nervous about looking down at all, as on the roof and trying to decide the best route down. We have had a step added but it was on the above the water side, rather than above the tow path. ( It was fitted on the port side but there is no consistent land side in canal travel. Another one is coming, so we have one each side, but there’s a supply issue.)

But the more interesting creature encounters today were this damselfly, coming inside the boat and the elephant parade in Worcester. This one was an excellent landmark when I got a bit lost coming out a different exit from a shop. Good job I am not chief navigator!
Entertaining drive and locking this morning. Switching between diesel and electric so as to do some charging ( till it got sunny😁) , and so as not to have fumes in the lock. Swifts and a low flying helicopter as distractions.

Brilliant blue damselfly at a window
Damselfly in distress…” Let me out!” Managed to let the damselfly out, gently. Brief but brilliant guest.
Painted model of elephant
Where am I? What Street, what town? What continent?