Really enjoyed stop in Birmingham yesterday. Where we moored was busy with people on the canalside, but quiet at night.

In the morning, heading for a little shopping, I saw at the nearest bridge that one side looked like modern metropolis and at the other side the view was full of trees. 

The city had plenty of ancient and modern juxtaposed and I loved my walk to the shop, passing, the round house, a giant Duplo giraffe, bridge full of flowers, a square full of fountains and a Black Sabbath seat!

Paul gave us a tour too. We dawdled soaking it in so much, we didn’t go very far and there is much more to see so will definitely be back.

Today we headed down through the Birmingham locks and they were particularly tough. Some gates were too hard to shut for me and I was relieved to see a Canal and River Trust volunteer come along at about the 4th lock. He graciously offered to help, unless I wanted a challenge!  I graciously let him help! He stayed with us until the last of that flight… Number 13, unluckily for us, that was where we said, “good bye.” And “Thank you.”

We have been through spaghetti junction and have rested up after 27 locks. And the heat is back too. Satisfying! 


country side
Uptown from same bridge
Old and new