First Voyage

For a while I was saying that I didn’t yet know if we’d turn left or right when we left the Marina.  We decided on turning right towards Droitwich Spa.  Before departure we folded down the “pram cover” at the back, and brought the tandem in to the saloon.  This was all in preparation for the M5 Tunnel which we’d heard did not have a lot of headroom.

Tunnel portal with very low headroom
Low Headroom

We were very glad we’d prepared!  As we crawled towards the warning sign, Clare still wasn’t convinced we’d fit under it.  We now know that the front of Bartimaeus is higher than the back.  I have driven through a tunnel with lower clearance on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal.  That one gradually gets lower until you worry you’ll get your knuckles grazed if you hold the tiller.  This one had the decency to be a pretty constant height the whole way through.

Shane in M5 Tunnel
Keep your head down and steer!
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