Four Seasons In One Day

In the morning, though it had rained overnight, it was bright and sunny, as expected, and the forecast suggested a bright, cold day, with a bit of wind. The next couple of days are meant to be windier though so it was a better day to travel today. We planned to head towards the Fradley junction, but had not decided which direction to go there and where might be best to stay out of the wind. I had shopping to do and set off into the sunshine in a light fleece and no hat or scarf; mind you the thermal underwear was already on! There was a cool breeze, but lovely in the sun. I went on a circular route that took me back past yet another thatched house I had seen when we got back from the cycle ride yesterday.

One of the many Alrewas thatched houses

As I was getting back on to the boat with my bag of groceries, I heard someone call “hello”, and I looked a round. A man called to me and asked if he could take a picture of my boat. I agreed and he said “I’m Tim Tyler, I built your boat.” I didn’t recognise his name and mentioned it was an Ortomarine boat and he said Ortomarine do the interior, but he’d built the shell. He took a photo of me at the bow door  – glad I had on the coordinating blue fleece, with blue shopping bag – and then he took others of the side as I retreated in. He waved through the window and thanked me as he left. I’m amazed to have happened to meet the boat builder! 

Shane was about to start trying to meet ex work colleagues for a virtual coffee, so I went out in the sunshine again to get a couple of photos before leaving Alrewas. I had noticed a while back this huge rainbow. It is visible from the canal, but too distant for a photo, but there was a nearby footpath with a better view.


Rainbow in the trees outside Alrewas

Standing above the boat at the bridge I got a different view of our mooring spot,  identical to our previous time we had stayed here, but facing the other way.


Mooring in Alrewas

It felt nice and Springlike and I was looking forward to travelling along. I had even seen some crocuses in a garden.

Crocuses: Spring in the air

Shane was still on his call and by the time he had finished it was nearly lunch time so we ate and then he got a message from Gail, saying he had mail. He had alerted our housesitters that he would get another appointment, so they should open it and she had informed him promptly of its arrival. Just as well, as it wasn’t in a fortnight from his last appointment but this coming Monday (only one week from the last one). Just as well we have been dawdling and not too far to make it back. Also lucky we hadn’t been already driving and missed her message and gone even further. In stead we just went as far as the nearest winding hole and turned – I was getting good practice at turning in windy conditions- full throttle!

While I was out at a lock, I saw a little rain. I was using a hump backed bridge, rather than the gate crossing to get round the other side and at one point I saw Shane gesturing to me from inside the lock. He was waving his arm in an arc, not one of his standard gestures a, and I wondered if he was asking me not to use the bridge, but then I heard him call “rainbow”. Of course it was sunny and rainy, and there was a lovely big, but short-lived, rainbow. 

At another lock it started to hail just as I was getting off to work it- it lasted just as long as it took to get through the lock. I worked most of the locks today, though Shane did the honours at the red armed gate – I still haven’t done it yet. Shane was leaping on and off the roof as before, probably the easiest way at this lock.


Shane leaping off the roof in the sunshine
Dull while waiting for the lock to fill

As we were going along I saw a bright green bird. I had tried to get a picture but it flew off – a parakeet. What climate was this?

We have arrived back in Burton-upon-Trent and are able to hide from whatever the weather has for us next and be sure Shane will get to his appointment.