Go Wild In The Country

We had pleasant views this morning though we were definitely in a cutting with a bit of high bank to each side before the fields began. A few ducks swam (not skating today)  past, including a mallard crossed with a whiter breed.

Shane set off to get the batteries charged. He had told me there was a shopping opportunity in a mile, so I dealt with getting washing on and some hand washing until it was time to go. I’d had a brief look at Shane’s phone map and had a vague idea of direction. I got off at a bridge that was just a footpath and had been decorated by the villagers. I had thought if I got stuck that I would ask someone, but everyone seemed to be in their houses. Still it wasn’t hard to find. 

The village of Whittington isn’t big but had a well stocked shop, 4 horsewomen passing by and a map at the village green where it was revealed that one of the founders of M&S was from Whittington. He had retired here to take up farming – obviously someone who liked to be busy. The village shop is not an M&S but they provided some funding for the village hall. It was an informative map and, thinking I might take a different route back, I took a photo of it. I did consult it once to confirm my route, so was glad to have it. I did meet other people on the way back and one man said good afternoon. I really hadn’t realised it was that late, as usual.

SectIon of Whittington Map

After lunch Shane suggested a walk and we headed off. He always has a plan and checks his phone for directions regularly. Occasionally there is a particular sight he wants to see but the highlights on the walk were not marked on his map. 


Lord of the Flies Tree

I don’t know why it was labeled Lord of the Flies, or where it was indicating, but I did see nuthatches there so it was good I had stopped to look at it anyway.

Further along we met some very cute miniature goats. They were not using their extensive play equipment which was a pity. 


Goat Gym
Bleating goat

Shortly after we saw a thatched house with a thatched bird table. There were no birds on the table or I would have taken a picture, but my mild disappointment was short lived as a large amount of bird activity presented itself in the yard opposite!


Shane, not talking turkey, but emulating an emu
Personal space invader

The turkeys and emu were quiet but when a man came out of the thatched cottage opposite, a gaggle of geese appeared honking. Later we heard the female turkey making a racket, once the male was no longer pinning her down, while standing on top of a fence.

It was all much more bird activity than we had expected.The walk was quieter from then on and we went through Whittington again, a completely different way and went back to the boat for the more mundane domesticity of unloading washing, knitting and working out how to receive a letter sent to Edinburgh that contains forms to fill in for his appointment in Burton upon Trent. We have plenty time to get there. This may be out first attempt at using poste restante. Whatever next!