Gone for a Burton

Cloud cover last night meant that the temperature never quite reached zero, so the canal was ice-free this morning.  The air temperature was still low though, and a north wind in our faces meant driving was a cooling experience.  My new gloves-and-mittens combination works well though, my hands didn’t get cold today.

We set off late morning to cover a mile or so to Whittington where Clare hopped off to stock up on various essentials.  We moved on as soon as she got back, but stopped at lunch time since the battery levels were looking acceptable again.  We were heading generally in the direction of Burton-on-Trent, but still having heard nothing we had no timescale.  After lunch, we decided that we could enjoy the day more by going for a walk than driving on.  I’d also had an email from Edinburgh saying that a letter from the NHS had arrived, but didn’t yet know what it said…

We walked back along the canal and then along a quiet road to the side.  We’d not gone very far when we saw (and heard) a field of mini goats.  They had their own play equipment, but disappointingly none of them were using the trampoline,

Goats and Play Equipment
Tiny Goats with Play Equipment including Trampoline

A little further along the same road, we came across a collection of unusual birds.  While we were looking at the chickens an emu and a turkey appeared.  I only noticed the turkey hen when the emu stepped on her.  That also seemed to get the attention of the male turkey who set about preparing for next Christmas.

Emu and Mating Turkeys
Emu and Mating Turkeys

The emu wouldn’t stand still, and kept putting its head through the gate to get a closer look at us.  He was very interested in Clare’s attempts to get a photo.

Emu being Photographed
Clare Standing Just Far Enough Away from Emu

When we got back to the boat there was a further email with the contents of the NHS letter.  I have an appointment with the otolaryngology team in Burton-on-Trent.  That was a new word to me, it is more commonly known as Ear Nose and Throat, which I heard the nurses mention at the clinic.  A quick check shows that this specialism now includes necks – so I was wrong to doubt the nurses choice of referral. I’d never doubted the antibiotic prescription, which is working well.

I was right to doubt the accuracy of the receptionist’s data entry.  My title was “Mrs”, my surname has been spelt with two Cs instead of two Ss, and there was a cock up with my street address:  “Hardon Street“.  Scottland (sic) wasn’t spelt correctly either.  I’ll stick my neck out and suggest a mistake in the phone number may explain the lack of a phone call.

However, we now have a new plan for where and when we need to be in the next week or so.  It will be an easy pace to get to Burton in time.