Groundhog Day

Today started in a very similar way to one week ago.  I’d set an alarm to make sure I woke up early enough to walk to the hospital in Burton.  I was up early enough anyway, and enjoyed the walk.  The appointment was prompt, but the doctor wasn’t quite as reassuring as I would have hoped – still nothing definitive.  We’re scheduled to do it all again next week.

We’ve missed the official Groundhog Day (February 2nd) and our exploits for the rest of the day wouldn’t make much of a feature film.  We’ve still got to work out what else to explore and still be back in Burton next Monday. 

Before lunch we set off through Dallow Lock again and on to the water point at Horninglow Wharf.  Last time we came here I drove in forward, but we discovered that we had to moor up blocking the canal to get the hose to reach.  Today Clare did a pivot manoeuvre to get the stern in first – filling up was much simpler.  While waiting I used the toilet, and discovered a book exchange on a shelf inside.  I called Clare’s attention to a book I knew she’d like.

Para Handy on Bookshelf
The Book Exchange with Para Handy

So we now have another book to read – something for the coming days perhaps.  We drove on to Willington in pleasant weather.  By the time we got here the battery had almost recovered from sitting still for three days.  We went for a walk in to the village.  One possible route was impassable because of flooding.

Flooded Side Road
This is NOT the Canal

We ended up exploring the residential streets of the village.  A marked footpath took us to the bank of the River Trent – it was flowing very quickly.  I wondered if the river section would have been open today – though I can’t find any warnings online.  A carpet of crocuses weren’t a patch on the annual displays in Edinburgh which we’ll miss this year.

Crocuses in Willington