I’m Lucky

Shane had been mentioning yesterday that we could do some sanding and touch up painting in order to use some of our time when we are obliged to be hanging around the same area. He had hoped to do it today but this morning was slightly grey and I didn’t respond with enthusiasm, concerned it might rain and also because my mind was preoccupied with more knitting pattern development. Someone on the Vinolanda page had asked if there were patterns for the Roman numerals for 1900 (MCM). I had said I was considering these and she has said repeatedly that she “can’t wait” for the patterns. Bryn of course rustled up new charts in a trice. I needed to test knit them and had done some yesterday but had some more to do.

Nevertheless I dressed in clothes that might not mind getting painty and we went down to look for a mooring spot nearer the entrance to the marina where we could turn the boat for reaching both sides. Some of the towpath was muddy and unsuitable and it was a bit windy so actually turning didn’t seem easy either. We had gradually moved away from the painting plan for today but decided anyway to move the boat down as the WiFi was fluctuating where we were.

This gave me practice at starting up the boat as Shane usually gets us going and I take the controls once everything is already in action. I was gaining from Shane feeling uninspired. We are fortunate that we are in an area with lots of nearby facilities, it is just harder to build a plan for the days when we are not currently in need of water, electricity, pump out, diesel or shopping.

It was a very short trip. We can’t go beyond the marina as we can’t turn after there with the canal beyond being closed and to get back would require more awkward reversing than we fancy in the wind. The good news is that the WiFi is a lot better. Could that metal bridge really have been blocking signal? It improved while I was driving under.

Shane has done some project planning too in the afternoon which meant we headed to the chandlery in the marina for some bolts. It is a very long way round on foot,  for somewhere just across the canal. A walk down to a bridge and a meandering and zig zaggy path to the marina. We passed a cormorant flying. I hadn’t noticed any cormorants  last time we stayed in the marina. There was plenty water with canal and puddles and the marina, but this path also skirted a pond. A delicate sculpture of stylised water birds was today accompanied by actual birds.

Pond life


On the way back on the towpath, we went into single file dodging the puddles and mud. An eager looking dog approached and I stopped to let it pass at a less puddly spot. It sniffed me, trotted past then jumped up on to Shane’s  trousers, with muddy paws. The owners were apologetic. One thing on the to do list is a load of washing anyway.

In contrast to Shane being unsure what to do with the day, I have been focussing on completing Roman Numeral Bunting and other knitting correspondence. I have made 3 flags but they are far from perfect but Bryn has amended the chart based on the outcome and so the other knitters will have Ms with less lanky legs. That C is flanked by a pair of gangly chiels.


1900 in Roman Numeral flags

Altogether I have had a more productive day and less muddy trousers. To cap it all Shane was thinking he would get a head start on the Worldle  today while I was knitting. I lucked out and got it yesterday in just two goes. I could hear him sounding exasperated and beginning to think no such word existed then he worked it out and got it on the fifth go. I picked up my phone and tried and got it in two today again. Lucky streak.

Lucky guess.