Happy, happy birthday

It is usual for me to be traveling, abroad or in a canal boat on my birthday, since it falls in the middle of school holidays and I’ve been working in schools for a long time, so take all my annual leave out of term time.

I started yesterday by driving into the lock with the teapots. Quite a bit of driving though I had a bit of an ache  in my neck and shoulder with a cricked neck feeling on the tiller side.

Faceoff with boater approaching a bridge which I thought was near me and therefore My Bridge, but he showed no signs of slowing, or diverting to the side to wait. I was ahead of him at the bridge, but he kept going and it seemed there was room for us both to go through and no bumps or scrapes ensued.  Unlike tunnels, bridges don’t advertise if they are one boat only or two way, and they are often wide but not high enough for 2 boats to pass. 

We went in to Rugeley for late and, it turned out, very large lunch  and while reading the local history board in the square, I heard a cry of “happy birthday” and turned to see Nye and David and they had brought lemon cake. Great to see them! We had a further explore of Rugeley, then back to Bartimaeus for drinks and cake Also Nye had brought presents from Shane and my sister that had arrived at his address. Good planning!

Had a good time, but at one time a loud bang made me jump, greatly increasing the pain in the neck and Shane went shopping without me since I didn’t feel I could carry a bag any way.

I cooked zero all day which is a treat in itself.

Painkillers allowed me sleep and next day, though still sore, I found that being in the bike was comfortable enough so we managed a very pretty cycle to Abbot’s Bromley and tasty brunch.

We went into the church and found an honesty box and a wide variety of home made preserves and now we are well stocked with rhubarb and ginger, marrow and ginger, marmalade, and damson jam.

I enjoyed meeting this Muscovy duck and later, back at the boat, a Muscovy duck flew over us.

Moored beside horses and facing a sunset. And my neck is a lot better – what a relief!



grumpy duck with a bit of a mohawk style