Water, Water Everywhere

We started the day with a bike ride to Abbot’s Bromley.  We’d been through King’s Bromley Wharf yesterday and  I wondered who else has a Bromley – and what that is.

Butter Cross, Abbot's Bromley
Butter Cross, Abbot’s Bromley

The Cafe on The Green was very busy and serving (second) breakfasts, so that was what we had. As we were coming out we waved to a couple on a tandem who stopped for a chat – which was only obliquely about gear ratios.  The sign on the road out of the village was suggestive of a bigger adventure than we were claiming.

Infinitii and Beyond
The Road goes Beyond Infinitii

On the way back to the boat we came past a wee hamlet with an archetypal duck pond, complete with ducks including a muscovy duck.

Village Duck Pond
Archetypal Village Duck Pond

We then set off up the canal.  The area of Cannock Chase was exceptionally peaceful and pretty (official an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).  We dawdled along on electric, waving two or three boats past us.

Both sides of the junction at Great Heywood were extremely busy with moored boats. This is the northern end of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal which we left at Stourton to visit Birmingham.  We carried on through the junction – ignoring the water point.

Only after we moored up did we realise that the handy display on the panel was flashing a red warning. We have run out of water.  Fortunately we haven’t run out of beer, lemonade or Pimms.  So that might be what we have to drink at breakfast tomorrow.  The next water point is about two hours away.  We’ll manage fine, but it should remind us that even if we don’t fill up with water every day, we should at least check the gauge!