If you like piña colada … and getting caught in the rain

Bosley locks are actually  quite easy… at least with the new windlass!

We seemed to be catching up with the couple ahead but they were behind a lone boater, and they can’t go so fast. There were a couple of volunteers helping him later on and the guy ahead began setting the lock for us while he was waiting, when he could. I had thought I might do them all but as the morning progressed so did the rain and Shane started to get cold and asked to swap and enjoyed extra running between locks just to warm up. I did cool pretty quickly driving so it was understandable. We both had a hot shower before lunch.

With further forecasts of rain we were unsure whether to press on, or stay moored ,… next to the wasps’ nest…. We pressed on.

The sun came out in the afternoon. Felt great! I tried to get a picture of a heron poised at the side but it turned round haughtily and then flew off.


Saw a few but no good photos.

We helped a lone boater through a lift and swing bridge. It would have been a real pain on his own. Still I couldn’t get the second one open and had to swap to driving so Shane could operate it In the meantime other boats appeared in both directions and then I got grounded. I wanted to let the (patiently) waiting boats  through. I intended to reverse but a boat that had arrived behind behind us (later than the waiting boats at the other side)  had come up right behind me so I had no space to reverse off without bashing him. I  gestured to him to go back to give space  telling him I was aground, but in stead he told his wife to tie a rope on to the back to tow me. This didn’t help at all and I just told her I could reverse if they moved back so we disentangled and he decided rather than reverse and wait, he’d just come through between all the other boats and then I got away easily. Whether just by reversing of his boat moving the water a bit I don’t know, but he should really have not come through the bridge so close behind at all. Anyway we got sorted in the end.

We had one further brief grounding which Shane poled us out of, after defining their offer of a tow! 

The rain did return and lucky for me Shane decided he had better water proofing so stayed at the helm. Still enjoyed it despite the weather.




You can tell it’s summer because he’s wearing sandals with his full waterproofs, and woolly hat.

Arrived in Marple and warmed up with a hot chilli meal.

Goyt Mill in the evening rain.