La Dolce Vita

A predicted wet morning, but we were both actually quite pleased to have time to devote to other hobbies. Shane was programming and I was knitting.

Nye came to see us in the afternoon and we were all delighted by the brief arrival of a young moorhen on the gunwale just outside the window. Like yesterday’s heron it departed swiftly, as the camera leveled with it.

We met up with David who was unfortunately embroiled with an engineer, come to see their boat at Marple marina. David has seen a frog at the marina and later Nye, David and I popped into Marple’s Market Street so they could share the frog frenzy taking over there. This time I got a shot!


Frogs decorated in traditional canal boat floral style.

We all had a good meal at La Dolce Vita and an evening walk through the park and down to the canal, where we saw large bats by the bridge. Marple has lovely bridges.