Lancaster Excursion

Today the plan was to have a bit of a wander around Lancaster in the sunshine.  We headed in the general direction of the castle through interesting low traffic back streets. I now see that yesterday we could have had a much quieter start to the ride if we had used the bridge in front of the boat instead of the one behind.

Lancaster Castle
Lancaster Castle

Trivia question: what is the first name of the Duke of Lancaster?  The castle courtyard was open to visitors, but most of the usual internal parts were closed, though we did go in to the exhibit about the trial of witches.

Clare in Lancaster Castle Courtyard
Clare in the Lancaster Castle Courtyard

We continued our wander in search of coffee.  Lancaster has a very pleasant pedestrianised centre where we were able to enjoy our drinks outside a small Turkish cafe. (In the loo there was a sign saying: “I can’t Stay Calm, I’m Turkish!”)  On the way back to the boat we went in to a bike shop – a strange day to try to find winter gloves. I came out empty-handed so to speak.

After lunch we set off down the canal in the sunshine with the air temperature gradually climbing as forecast. We drove on diesel enough to get the batteries full again and then pootled along on electric enjoying the peace.  I finished the trip on diesel again to bring the battery back to 100%.

I was tempted to moor up opposite the field of alpacas, but the mooring looked a little tricky.

Alpacas in Canal-side Field
Alpacas in Canal-side Field

We found a peaceful spot with an open outlook a short distance further on.

Trivia answer: Elizabeth – the reigning monarch is the Duke of Lancaster.  In Lancashire the formal loyal toast is apparently: “The Queen, Duke of Lancaster!”