Bring Me Sunshine

On Sunday Shane suggested a trip to Morecambe, but with the weather set fair and steadily hotter for a few days, I thought avoiding the weekend would be better. I had forgotten about it when Shane presented himself at breakfast dressed for cycling. Several sunny days building housing for the tandem and not riding it, must have been getting to him.

It was indeed a scorcher today and a lovely day for a cycle trip. Setting off through Lancaster, Shane had the difficulty of navigating, watching traffic and dealing with disappearing, or parked upon cycle lanes (though there were some good bollarded off lanes too). I, on the other hand could view the architecture and history as we went through. We were soon in the countryside in any case.

Before reaching Morecambe, we visited two very old churches: St Helen’s in Overton, dating back to the 12th century, where I enjoyed a stroll in the grounds and in Heysham, St Peter’s dating back to the 10th century.  This was also open to visitors so I popped in and as I was looking at a piece of carved stone, a man came over to ask if I knew what it was. I didn’t. He told me it was a Norse tomb marker and spent quite a bit of effort trying to improve the lighting in order to get a better photograph. The carefully passed lamp wasn’t working and he went to fetch a key for the side door to let in more light. What he couldn’t do was help me find the setting in my phone to give a wide screen so the head and foot of the stone are cut off! Sorry folks but the internet has lots of high quality pictures and information.

Norse engravings on well preserved tomb stone, but not well photographed.

He then embarked on a talk on the significance on the engravings and discussions of meaning etc. Part way through a group of 3 women came in the church and he told them he was giving a talk if they came over, so he recapped for them. All very interesting but I thought Shane must have thought I’d got lost somewhere, especially as I’d already spent quite a while in the adjacent Glebe gardens.

The gardens had a collection of unusual ornaments and statues. There were several miniature building collections. Shane had said we might be able to see Glasson Dock and lighthouse from across the water but it was a hazy day and this was the only glimpse of a lighthouse, that I noticed.


Can you find a lighthouse?

There was also a new, highly topical bust, an odd piece of art but depicting an excellent modern hero.


What a great woman! Memorialized in St Peters Glebe Garden.

By then, we were getting hungry but luckily on the way to St Peter’s we had seen a tasty looking stall called Mad Hatter’s and had a very fine lunch in the sunshine.

Another tandem passed us in the morning and shortly after a woman stopped beside us to say you didn’t see many tandems these days. I agreed but said we had just seen another one. Later on Morecambe prom, another tandem went flying past! This one was a kind where the stoker is recumbent at the front and the “pilot” sits behind looking over. I have sat on one ( just stationary) once and felt terrified and exposed already and the thought of hurtling around corners or downhill with no control but being the crash barrier did not appeal. It’s a thrilling enough ride without feeling like a rollercoaster with no safety belt.

There were enough people around to make a good atmosphere, in Morecambe, without being so crowded as to make riding along the prom difficult. There were some lovely touches and statues and I had to queue up for the inevitable photo. I was reprising a visit From 4 years ago, on a cycle trip following a boating holiday. Not that I feel there is a lack of variety in my life, far from it. 

Before: 4 years ago, on a cool rainy day in August in Morecambe.
Sunshine and smiles: a better day and photo of the typical pose than 4 years ago.

In the ” new improved version I am even wearing glasses to match! Still got the same trainers but they are really needing replaced now.

A lovely day out and I recognised a picture from a post card I had sent to my sister, revamped as a polite public notice.



Keep it clean!

And there were other new statues I hadn’t seen before  too. 

Bird on a bird
Cupid and Venus apparently

Cupid might get his arm dislocated if he’s not careful, like I did getting a similar burly , aged 3.

Yet again today I saw many new sights and on the way back, as we cycled across the Lune aqueduct, we watched some canoeists being tipped into the river from a great height. Most arrived together with their craft but one capsized and had to swim to the bank and other canoeists gathered up the scattered paddle and canoe. You wouldn’t want to try that with Bartimaeus!