More Teapots

This morning was brighter than forecast, so we decided to go for a walk in the sunshine.  We walked along the towpath to the next bridge.  We’d noticed people walking on the other side of the canal so we crossed and came back on that side.  The path took us back to the edge of the field opposite Bartimaeus, but turned to the road at that point.  The road brought us back to another bridge over the canal – sorted.

Having got back to the boat feeling warm, we set off immediately.  In the warmer conditions I didn’t get cold while driving.  After a couple of miles we reached a lock we remembered in the other direction in July.  The teapot collection has grown in the meantime.

We carried on to the next pair of locks despite very light rain.  This being a Sunday there were more gongoozlers than we’ve come to expect recently.  Clare was asked if she wouldn’t prefer the easier job – she explained that we take turns.  She was then unable to close one of the gates after us, so was glad of the offered help.

Just after the junction is a funny swing bridge in to somebody’s garden.  Unusually it requires no key or other special item to operate – you just give it a push.  I remembered it behaving strangely when we were here last – it spontaneously swung (open I think).  I got Clare to stand by in case it decided to close.

There were many moored boats on the moorings just beyond the water point.  When we realised that we had just passed the last opportunity, I used some heavy reverse to stop, and then started to go back.  The canal was very shallow here and I ended up aground at the stern.  Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t stop the nose of Bartimaeus bumping (gently) into the boat we were alongside.  No harm done, but it was embarrassing.  A working bow thruster would have saved us.

We moored up and had lunch.  The sun tempted us out for another walk in the afternoon.

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