Park Life

After the excitement of yesterday, and with no need to rush, we have parked ourselves for a couple of nights. There is another of the boats that crossed the Link yesterday with us also moored up nearby ( the one that has the tug tow), who we chatted to last night, and we saw another  one come up last night to turn around and this morning, Shane meet and chatted with another (the couple on the cruiser). Quite a cameraderie has struck up in our little band! We had parted with Lark, our lock buddies, after entering the Lancaster as immediately under the bridge there is a choice of left or right. Looks like most chose right, but mooring is scarce. 


Arrival at the Lancaster and the parting of ways.

With some technical difficulties last night, I did my Ribble blog this morning, then we set off to explore Preston and find lunch. It was lovely and sunny so we had sandwiches in the park. The small pond had the same water lilies I had seen in the canal the night before, but hadn’t got near enough to get a picture.

Pretty in pink water lilies

Two dogs ran into the pond and their accompanying human want to the water’s edge to call them and slipped in to the water. She was still smiling and able to get up, a little muddy but not drenched and I hadn’t spare shorts so we concluded she didn’t need help.

The park is quite varied and includes a walk along the River Ribble, where we watched the fire and rescue service doing a training exercise with a dinghy and ropes across the river. You never know what you’ll see, even in a walk in the park. Squirrels and statues I expected, but not 2 fire engines and a fire dinghy.

The railway line passes by too but is disguised by a cleverly constructed rock wall, with paths over, round and under it.


A Clare for scale

On the way back from the park my phone rang and it was my friend and frequent canal boat companion from Sheffield, checking our itinerary (we didn’t have one yet) and discussing dates and details of the Lancaster. Our quiet day now has added excitement as we are going to host our first overnight guest tonight! Off we go to the station to meet her!

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