Preston (South End)

As I went to close the hatch last night, the moon was just rising through the trees directly behind the boat.  By the time we’d had breakfast this morning the sun was in the same place.  After breakfast I got on with some housekeeping.  The crew of one of the boats we spoke to yesterday stopped for a chat as they went past.  “What are your plans now?” they asked.  “Well, I’m going to finish sweeping the leaves off the roof, and after that I’m not sure…”

We went for a look around Preston.  On the way in to town we found a memorial to workers killed during a general strike in 1842.

We went through the mainly pedestrianised shopping streets in the centre through Winckley Square and in to Avenham Park alongside the Ribble – we’re not afraid of it, and anyway there was a crew of firefighters to look after us.  We had lunch on a bench in the Japanese Gardens.

Plans for later in the week will no doubt start to crystallise soon….