Lovely start to the day that deer went through the graveyard.

Main objective today was to get some shopping in, and not get any more sunburn, but also we felt the tandem might be too high for the upcoming bridges, so nothing for it, but to get back on the roof and rearrange the position and eventually take it down and inside the boat. Glad we did or it may have got mangled. Plus visibility for driving is much improved.

Made it to Kidderminster for shopping. Unaccustomed as we are to English rules, we risk getting caught out by Sunday closing times. Lovely and cool in a supermarket, and can take boat right to it. Many drinks and, essentially, more suncream.

Enjoyed involving some children in helping me with working a lock. One boy was very excited watching the boat emerge as the water level rises.

Shane loves a bridge and here he is going under a road bridge closely followed by a viaduct. Interesting to see the industrial heritage along the canal. This impressive mill became a Debenhams. What next?